WWC – wk3 matches

WWC Family – interesting weekend approaches.  Few reminders below:

1) Please DO register for this Sunday’s matches.  Deadline is tomorrow (Thursday) at 10pm.

2) We will proceed as normal –  back to normal start times – registration starts at 11:30 am and we’ll start wrestling at 12:30.

3) I will update the blog and will email as soon as I hear anything negative – meaning cancellation for this weekend.  Thus, no info from me then all is a GO

Matches – wk2

We are excited for our 2nd week!  I think the kids have put in a better week of practice!

Don’t forget we start everything one hour earlier this week.    Check in is at 10:30am and we’ll get started at 11:30am.  Don’t forget to sign up and I would appreciate a quick note if you do not plan on going.  Again the link to register is:


Rumble on the River


Great opportunity to see some high level wrestling this coming Friday night at St Christopher’s school in Richmond.  Starting at 6pm in their gym, St Chris and Liberty will have a high school match.  Immediately following UVA and VMI take it to the college level and will have a match.  Good for the kids to see some good wrestling!

Hope to see you there!