1st metro matches – this weekend – 1/11/15

At Godwin High School.    Important items to cover and response needed.

1)      If your child will NOT be there Sunday, then please let me know ASAP.    He must be there prior to 12:30.

2) Please call me asap at any time when you determine if your child will NOT make it.  Our cutoff for the roster is Thursday’s but any information prior to Sunday at noon is helpful.  As a club, we will NOT tolerate no-show’s that were not previously communicated.  Seems a bit firm but the havoc caused by no-shows impact many.

3)      I need weights for all wrestlers so if I don’t get them tonight, I may call you after our practice this eve.

Sunday process at Godwin High School

– Referee’s show up in the back of the gym to start setting up (11:30am)

– All wrestlers show up at noon but before 12:30.  After 12:30 they will NOT have any matches.  You may be able to show up earlier than noon and come in the back of the gym near the driver ed parking lot.

– When wrestlers show up they will check in as they come in the building.  If they don’t get checked in and have a mark on their hand they are not wrestling

– Matches should start before 1 and will end at 3:30.  We are trying to get 2 to 3 matches per child.  At 3:30 we have to clean up as we have to be out of the gym/school at 4:00pm sharp!

– fans/parents should stay in the stands and avoid the mat side.  Although this demand isn’t successful, please do not be around the mats when your son is not wrestling

– there should be a coach in your son’s corner for every match

– matches are 3 periods, one minute each.  If there is a fall (pin) in the first period we’ll continue to wrestle out that period and the match will end.  If a fall occurs in the 2nd or 3rd period then the match will be over.

Other items:

– please do a skin check and make sure finger nails are properly cut.  There are plenty of people around familiar with ringworm, etc., so any undetermined skin rash can be diagnosed.  Let me know if you suspect something.  Kids with skin ‘funk’ will not wrestle that day.

– if you don’t have a singlet – will give out this evening – then seek me out asap to get one

– I will need volunteers to help with the concession stand.  Probably only one person and we can rotate through for however long you all deem necessary (i.e. one hour each….).  I need someone to help coordinate this.  Again, the league is made of volunteers, you/we make it what it is.

Volunteers needed for DeepRun Duals!!

volunteer opportunities at the DeepRun duals this weekend.  Could really use some help Friday evening and Saturday. If you go to the attached link you can sign up!  http://deeprunwrestling.com/    select “Deep Run Duals”  off of the top ribbon and then select the item / area that you can volunteer.  Parents can run tables, etc., and their kids can be ‘tappers’!!   Let me know if there are any questions or concerns!