The Season Starts!

Monday – 11/18 at 6:00pm at Glen Allen HS starts our youth season.  If you haven’t registered yet we can take care of that tomorrow – See everyone on the mat!

(view previous blogs for directions)

WWC Registration and start of the season UPDATE!! Directions!

This Monday and Wednesday is the WWC youth and middle school registration and parent information meeting.  We’ll roll the mats out so if kids come we roll around a bit.

Registration on Monday, 11/4 at Glen Allen HS at 6:00pm.  Directions – enter into the bus lot, northern most entance coming off of Rt33/Staples Mill.  Once in the lot and facing the school, enter into the farthest door on your left, near the back of the school.  The auxiliary gym is on your right as soon as you enter.

Registration on Wednesday, 11/6 at Deep Run HS at 6:00pm.  When facing the school, park in the left parking lot near the rear.  Entrance is behind the school into the auxilary gym.

Call Shaffer at 928-0462 if anyone needs a fine tune with directions.

thanks and see you this week!