Wrestling Practice over the Holidays! 12/31 update

Practice at 08:00 (am) at DeepRun HS Wednesday – Jan 2 and Thursday Jan 3.  More details below.

We will have practice Thursday, 12/27  at 08:00 am but not Friday 12/28..  More info below

Deep Run HS practices over the holidays is Wed, Thur, & Fri – this week and next.  The time frame is 0800-1000 each morning except for tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/26) when practice is at 4:00pm (until 6:00).

Practice is not mandatory but you’re welcome to participate.  One of the coaches will be there each day.  Coach Brown will be there tomorrow. 

DeepRun HS practice is at the back of the school in the auxilary gym.  Park in the back of the parking lot on the left side of the school (when facing it) – Doors to the gym are located just behind the school.


2012-2013 Season Matches

As you know the metro clubs get together and wrestle exhibitions against each other (and our own teammates on occasion).  We try and do this for 6 consecutive Sunday’s starting in January.  This year we are starting on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at Godwin High School.  Our challenge is that this is before Henrico County schools start back up after the holidays.  However, we don’t have a venue to push the entire 6 weeks out.  Thus, we’re going to start on the 6th with the understanding that a lot of our kids will not be there due to the holiday, vacations, etc.  I will reach out to you over the Holiday break to determine if you will be able to make it out or not.

Additionally, this week we will need to weigh each wrestler at practice either Wednesday or Thursday.  If you’re not at one of these training sessions then I will ask that you email coach your child’s weight from your scales at home, doctor office, or wherever you can.

Furthermore, it does look like we will try and distribute singlets this Wednesday and Thursday.  This is a hectic time so please have some patience and help out where possible.

12/16/12 WWC Update

– We will have a parents meeting at 6:00 (beginning of practice) this Monday (12/17).

– We’ll practice Mon & Wed/Thur again this week (Glen Allen HS & ShortPump MS).

– Holiday practice.  We will have some optional practices over the holidays at DeepRun HS.  This blog will be updated informing of dates and times.

– Metro league mtg on Monday night – details of the weekend matches and our volunteering opportunities will be forthcoming afterwards.

WWC T-shirts

Each student in the club will get a Wildcat Wrestling T-shirt.  This year we are going to order the same for parents or siblings.  Cost will be $10 per t-shirt.  Only catch is that the order is going to be placed next Thursday so I will need your order by then.  Sizes are Youth – XS, S, M, L & Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL, & XXXL.  Generally they run a bit small.  All you need to do is email me and let me know the quantity the sizes.  Pay when they are delivered!

One note, on all orders (emails), please ensure you do receive a confirmation / acknowledgement.