Wildcat Youth Wrestling Club


Our youth season runs from the November (Introductory practices) through Mid-February. Competitions begin early January and run for 6 weeks.

Parent/Wrestling Information sessions and registrations are on November 15 & 4 from 6 to 7pm at Short Pump Middle School.


Practice starts on Monday, November 29, 2017 at 6:00pm.  Practice will end between 7:30 and 7:45. All practices are held in the Short Pump Middle School's auxiliary gym.
Practice is only conducted when school is in session – thus – no school, no practice.

Matches start in January on Sunday’s.  We will have six Sundays worth of matches against other Metro youth clubs.  Matches will be at a local High School and they normally start at noon or 1:00pm. We have six weekends of matches with a tournament being on the last weekend.


  • wrestling shoes are highly recommended.  No shoes/sneakers are allowed on the mats so child will wrestle in socks (club usually has some 'recycled' shoes)
  • nylon shorts of some type are recommended – no buckles, etc.
  • head gear is optional although recommended
  • Club has singlet’s (uniform) for matches


  • learn the sport of wrestling
  • learn to enjoy this sport
  • have fun and learn
  • Continue wrestling into middle school

You will be asked to take a turn volunteering at our matches.  Scorer, timekeeper, are a few of the roles we will need to fulfill.

Match day notes:
WWC focuses on matches as an extension of practice.  This year we will be pairing all kids up at the beginning of the session thus tardiness may eliminate the wrestlers’ matches.  We match kids based on age/weight and try to match kids with similar skill levels when possible. Of course, the number of wrestlers in or near the age/weight of your child enables such match-ups to be easier/more difficult.  Again, the main objective is to have your child realize what a great sport wrestling is and have the desire to continue.

More Information?  Contact info:
Mike Shaffer (804) 297-2494  or  a_mshaffer@verizon.net

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