Richmond Metro Youth Wrestling League


Richmond Metro Youth Wrestling League (RMYWL) is a youth wrestling league located in Richmond, VA. The wrestling league is made up of various independent youth clubs from the Richmond Metro area. All of our clubs are members of USA Wrestling. The Metro clubs are made up of elementary and younger middle school aged kids. The clubs usually practice twice a week with tournament like competition with all the clubs each Sunday starting in January. This years clubs include:

The Richmond Metro league, founded in 1970’s, is a league for youth wrestling serving the Richmond area.  With teams from Glen Allen, Hanover, Henrico, and Richmond it serves most of the Richmond area.  The league was founded for the purpose of introducing young kids to the great sport of wrestling and offering them a segue way into more competitive and advanced wrestling forums.  The league's vision is to continue to grow and strengthen itself to support its wrestlers through their wrestling careers.